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Svetol 2014 Fitness Resolution Give Away

With the the end of the year coming to a close, it's time we start thinking about what some goals we would like to accomplish in the year are. For allot of us, it's losing weight and becoming more healthy by taking on a healthier lifestyle. What better way to do that with Stevol? Svetol… Continue reading Svetol 2014 Fitness Resolution Give Away


Carrot-emerald smoothie

Morning everyone. Today I have a quick nutritious and yummy smoothie for you today. The Carrot-emerald smoothie is both Green and orange. It's smooth and has a bright carrot flavor. All you will need is ~ A blender or blender bottle. ~ 1 scoop of Garden of life's Perfect food raw in real raw apple… Continue reading Carrot-emerald smoothie


My Ode to Non-Gmo Month (Give Away Alert)

Now that we have gotten over the U. S Government shutdown, let’s talk about something more important and beneficial to our lives. Non-Gmo month. Gmo month. That’s right October is Non-Gmo month. Now, time for school. What is Gmo? And why are people so Non about it? Well, Gmo’s are Genetically Modified Organisms. Gmo’s are… Continue reading My Ode to Non-Gmo Month (Give Away Alert)


Gopals: Organic Raw Sprouted Almond Butter

Almond Butter seems to be the new craze for health food junkies (like myself), who is always on the look out to try different things and different ways to incorporate something healthy into my everyday routine. Today it's Spreads.There are allot of different reasons why  Raw Organic Almond Butter is getting so popular recently. One… Continue reading Gopals: Organic Raw Sprouted Almond Butter