Barleans: Omega Swirl To-Go

Here’s one for all you vitamin junkies and health nuts out there. Fish oil is something that is very good for you and should be incorporated in your diet because of its Omega-3 properties. That’s the good kind of fat that can be found in fish.

But, for some that may be difficult to swallow. Maybe because your not a fan of fish, or you don’t like those huge fish oil pills that are hard to swallow for some people. Especially if you want your children to take their fish oil daily. Because between you and me, no kid I know is going to just take a fish oil capsule without a fight.

Barleans Omega Swirl To-go may be a solution to your problem. It’s a Omega-3 fish oil supplement (900 mg per serving) with smoothie like texture and taste. It has EPA/DHA (720 mg per serving),  and comes in a small 0.19 Oz serve pack. And one box has a 30 day supply (for adults) or a 60 day supply (for kids).

Here are some Cons and Pros….

It does taste good and it tastes like the flavor advertised on the front of the box (I got the Mango Peach flavor). I believe it’s kid friendly and I personally think kids will like it allot because it tastes sweet while being sugar free. It’s also gluten free, and travels well, because it’s so small. The smell is pleasant and does not smell Fishy whatsoever. And it can be incorporated into smoothies and other beverages. Like a protein shake. The texture is oh so smooth and easy to swallow.

The ingredients section says “natural flavors” in place of where the fruit in the product should be stated. Leaving me to wonder if there’s really any  Mangoes or Peaches in this product. There is a small fishy aftertaste but nothing that slaps you in the face with a big peice of fish. In the ingredients section, it states that the fish oil contains “anchovy, sardine, and/or mackerel. Now I’m not the ingredient police, but there shouldn’t be an and/or in the ingredients section. The company should know what fish is being put into there products.

Personally, I like this product for the most part and I fell like I can incorporate this into my life and actually look forward to taking my daily fish oil supplement through this product. Barleans Omega Swirl To-go is also available in the flavor Key Lime,  which is an ultra high potency fish oil.


For more information check out www.Barleans. Com for more product info.
This product was given to me complimentary of Barleans Organic Oils for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a payed review.


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