Munch It: Weekly Subscription

Food subscription boxes can be very costly. And with so many on the market, where exactly do you start? Well lets start with this one. Munchit is a weekly subscription that costs $3.58 (including shipping). Every week you will receive a small container of trail mix, a piece of gum, a piece of candy and a packet of tea.

The concept behind this subscription box is that all of the products that you receive in the box are all natural and healthy. Yes even the gum and the candy are all natural. And you also get to choose the items that you want in your box (as in, you get to choose what particular thing you want for each section of the subscription box) and you cannot exclude any of the items.

However, while I don’t think that $3.58 a week (or $14.32) is not too excessive of a price, I will give you some pros and cons that I found about this subscription service. The price is approachable for all to buy. $3.58 a week is not asking for much even though by the end of the month you will end up handing over $14.32. I believe Psychologists call that method of approach is called the ” Foot in the door” technique. A little something I learned my first year in college in my psychology class. Make a small request, then a bigger one after getting what you the wanted from the smaller request. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way calling them scam artists. I’m just admiring there marketing strategy.

One thing I know for sure I did not enjoy was the trail mix. I got the flavor banana split in my box and was not satisfied with the flavor or the flavor combination. And to top that off, I was very questionable about the freshness of the trail mix to begin with. (Yes, clutch your imaginary pearls my fellow foodies) It just had an off taste to it. But I wont speak badly of their other flavors because I simply didn’t try them all. Just that one. As for the gum and chocolate, I didn’t really enjoy the gum, but the chocolate was nice. As for the tea, I enjoyed it allot. It was a cold brew peach flavored tea. There was also a coupon for a free yogurt, which was a very nice touch.

Overall despite my run it with the bad trail mix, I would say give it a try. The idea of having a package arrive in the mail every week excites me. In fact, I sing the mail song from Blues Clues when I go to check my mail. =}


For more information, check out

*This subscription box was given to my courtesy of for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.



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