Krave Jerky

Hello all. I got a review for you today. This one goes out to all the jerky lovers out there. Krave Jerky is company that sells jerky. But not that traditional salty, tough, calorie laden, over priced stuff. Oh no. That would be too easy. They had to make it healthy on top of making it delicious.

Here are some specs before we dive into the product. Krave Jerky is low fat, high protein,gluten free, nitrite, uses only 100 percent lean cuts of meat, and has no MSG. The jerky is made by being baked as appose to being dehydrated or drying the meat. Due to the recipes, meat selection and cooking process, Krave Jerky has lower in sodium by 50 to 70 percent. lower in cholesterol by 50-70 percent, lower in calories by 15 to 70 percent, and are 97 percent fat free.

I will tell you that I had a great time reviewing this product. It was delicious ( your going to hear that allot throughout this review),  and it did not taste like diet food. There was no definitely no deprivation here guys. All goodness. Though I must warn you.This stuff is delicious.

Lets start off with the texture before we get to the flavors. Krave Jerky makes there jerky in three different meat varieties and eight flavor varieties from something sweet tot something spicy. Lets start off with the beef. The texture was great and was not dry at all. It was moist and held the flavor well. The meat itself was no over salted to bring out the flavor and the beef looked like beef and not mystery meat. The pork was also the same. Great texture, great moisture, not crunchy or hard or even hard to chew. You don’t have to tug at it with your teeth to get a piece which is great for eating in a quite setting where you don’t want to attract any attention to yourself. Now, the turkey on the other hand is the most moist and tender turkey jerky I have ever tasted. In fact, it almost melts in your mouth how tender it is. I have to say Krave Jerky knows what they are doing.

Now. lets talk about the flavors. Krave Jerky features eight flavors (4 beef, 2 turkey, and 2 pork). I got the opportunity to try 5 of the eight flavors. Turkey jerky’s : Basil Citrus and Lemon Garlic, Pork jerky’s : Black cherry barbeque and Grilled sweet teriyaki, and Beef jerky: Chili lime. Now let me start off by saying that texture in food is everything. Before taste there is texture.

Now, the Basil citrus was not my favorite. I personally felt that the basil and citrus fought too much. And for me, the basil just was not my cup of tea. I felt that the basil was a little too strong. It just didn’t blend well for me. The lemon garlic on the other hand was delicious. I thought it wouldn’t  blend well, but it did the lemon was bright but didn’t punch you in the face with a fruity flavor. Instead, it was a nice, subtle, and refreshing flavor that went very well with the garlic that compliment each other very well. Its a very nice sweet and savory flavor.

The Black cherry barbeque was indeed one of my favorites. infact, I finished the whole thing in one day. There so addictive and so good. You get the fruitiness of the cherry, but it goes so well with the barbeque flavor. Its absolutely mouth watering. Its sweet and savory and the combination was delicious.  The Grilled sweet teriyaki was also yummy. This is some sweet stuff here. The flavor combination in here, while being paired with the pork is just delicious. Now the Chili lime on the other was not my favorite, nor did I like it. This one is more for the spice heads than anything. Someone who can handle some real spice. It was ridiculously spicy, but it was spicy enough. I could taste the lime in it, and it was not a fruity lime, but a savory one. Don’t get me wrong, the flavor combo was right on, but the spice is what really took over on this one. With that being said, this is not traditional jerky here guys. All of the flavors I tasted did not taste over salted, dry, or tough. I say give this one a try, you cant lose here.


For more information, check out http://www.kravejerky.com/.

*This product was sent to me complementary of Krave Jerky for reviewing/testing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.*


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