Healthy Suprise: The fun and easy way to eat healthy?

Today I have for you a review. A review for Healthy surprise. Healthy Surprise, is a monthly subscription that provides their subscribers with a whole months worth of healthy, full size (that’s right, full size).  All of the snacks included in the monthly subscription box are gluten free, all natural, vegan, corn free, soy free, and wheat free. The subscription service is $33/month for 1-2 people (11+ snacks), $66/month for 1-4 people (16+ snacks), and $99/month for 2-6 people (27+ snacks).

When I first got the subscription box, I held it in my hands and noticed that the box was a bit heavy, which is a good sign (if you know what I mean *wink *wink). When I opened the box, it was well wrapped and well put together. I was very surprised to see a colorful array of food in this box. The one thing I hate about food subscription boxes, is the lack of variety, and how often I see the same brands in their boxes all time. This was not the case people. Some of this stuff, I didn’t even know existed until I opened this box. The variety alone was amazing and the food choices made it even better.

There chips, candy bars, candy, nuts, seeds, and more. My over all verdict on this product would be to give it a try. The marketing concept is a good one. No foot in the door approach here. And when you think about it, 33 dollars is what you would spend, if not more on snacks per month. Why not have them be healthy right?


For more information, check out http://healthysurprise.com/

*This subscription box was sent to me courtesy of Healthy Surprise for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review*


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