Choco-Banana Meal replacement shake

Lately I’ve been lovin’ Garden of life’s meal replacements. Their filling, their delicious, and you can’t beat the nutritional value that this stuff is packing.

With that being said, I finally opened the Garden of life’s raw meal replacement in Real RAW Chocolate. I decided to not be lazy and make an effort buy not using my blender bottle this time. I just so happen to have some over ripped bananas, and perfect timing met opportunity.


Here is what you will need
¬ 1-2 scoops of Garden of Life’s in Real RAW Chocolate
¬ 1/2-1 full scoop of Garden of Life’s Perfect food raw in Real RAW Apple
¬ 1-2 over ripe bananas
¬ 8-12 ounces of water
¬ 4-6 ounces of non-dairy milk
*If you want something of a heartier fare, increase the ratio of milk and lower the ratio of water for a more filling meal replacement.
¬ a blender or a really nice food processor that can get your shake to a smooth consistency

Simply combine all ingredients and blend or pulse until smooth. Using over ripen banana’s, will make your shakes nice and smooth with no clumps. This smoothie is delicious and naturally sweet.


For more information check out Also, check out their Facebook page @Garden of Life.


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