Gopal’s Sprout Bars

Hello all. I have another Gopals review for you today. Gopals Sprout Bars are raw, vegan, organic, sprouted , and gluten free. There small enough to finish in one sitting and make a perfect healthy snack and an even better alternative to junk food. Did I forget to mention that they are all under 200 calories? I had the opportunity to try two of the four flavors ( Hazelnut and Macadamia)

Lets start on the Macadamia because it was my favorite. Its made with Organic Macadamia Nut, Organic Coconut, Organic Raw Coconut Nectar, Organic Dates and Organic Goji Berries. I love the unique pairing and flavor profile of this Sprout bar. Lots of sweet elements without being over powering. The dates, coconut nectar, and goji berries give the bar a fruity flavor, while the macadamia nuts gives this bar the right crunch it needs. And the coconut brings it home by adding an extra layer of texture and flavor to this bar.


The Hazelnut bar was delicious as well. It is made with Organic Hazelnuts,  Organic Cherries, Organic Raw Coconut Nectar, and Organic dates. Why was it not my favorite sprout bars? Dates. Dates make me anxious. I mean with the first impressions and the awkwardness because your meeting on a more intimate basis for the first time. Its allot. And don’t get me started finding the right outfit, and trying to make good conversation, and not being boring. Ugh! Its a lot. Its just allot for me. In this case that is, I don’t favor dates ( the fruit). Personally dates are not my thing. With that being said the rest of the bar tastes delicious. The dates do hold everything together, along with adding a layer of sweetness that is both not boring and not overpowering (like a date who takes way too much about themselves). And while I don’t like dates, I do admire good flavor pairing. The cherries and hazelnuts in this bar shine through and doesn’t hold back on flavor. The brightness of the cherries shine through, along with the subtleness of the Hazelnuts. The texture in this sprout bar is also on point. No missing marks here.


For more information, check out

These products were given to me courtesy of Gopals Health Foods for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.


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