Daniel Bern’s: Unforseen Arival


I know I know. Tiffany, this is a food blog. But it’s my blog. And today I’m reviewing an album. Daniel Bern’s : Unforseen Arrival falls under the genres of Pop, RnB, and Soul (according to

Lets talk about the construction of the album before we talk about the actual songs. The album itself is constructed well. Base and instruments are put in the right place. While there are  allot of transitions, all of which are all smooth and not at all choppy. This is very important because anything choppy always makes me question the quality of the music. Rhythm is the first thing that you hear before you hear the artist and their lyrics. If the rhythm isn’t right, the song fails. That was not the case. The fancy sound enhancements and affects were not over done or over used. They all fit perfectly. Whoever was the producer for this album, knew what they were doing.

As for sound quality, its on point. I listened to this album on every electronic device I owned. My favorite was listening to this album with my headphones (Monster Turbines). The listening experience that I got from this album was amazing, The base was beautiful and like I said earlier, the transitions were well coordinated. Another I liked about this album, was that the songs talk about current events that are seen from a young mans point of view and is both relatable and approachable to listeners.

Now, onto the songs. I decided to talk about my favorite songs as appose to talking about every single song on the album.

Someone– I feel like this song brings something humbling to the table of over confident men, who think they don’t need any one or a stable relationship in their lives. This song instead tells a story of a man not being afraid to say that his feelings are hurt and that he wants something more fulfilling in unison with someone who will want to equally contribute to the relationship as much as he will. I think men will definitely listen up and take notes to what Daniel Bern is saying.

Memories– Once again this song paints a story of a guy reminiscing over a relationship that once was. I love the vocals on this track. Both Daniel Bern’s and Malika Esedelle. I only wish that there was a part where they both sang together. I think that would have put a little more chemistry in the song.

Better than Him– What gets me about this song is that the rhythm and beat is perfect, and the singers and the lyrics are coordinated to the point where you would think you were watching television. Just hearing the two singers compete for this woman’s affection, makes so much sensory detail come to mind. I love songs that set a scene. Even though the whole two men fighting over a woman is old, its a classic old that I like about it. And I think allot of you will like it as well.

I’m over You– The idea of independence and freedom from the pressures of a relationship is quite prevalent in this song. The idea and concept does not come across as over done or redundant. Although, I would have liked to hear a small rap part in this song. Moving on after breaking up with someone is one of the hardest thing to do. This song is great for people who need to realize why they broke up with the person they were with in the first place.

I love being Single– This song brings something different to the table for those who have recently just gotten out of a relationship. Instead of focusing on the idea of being alone and not having someone special to be with, he explores the many things single people can do that non-single people cannot do. The whole, “I’m single and all alone thing” is not implied at all. He shows people that being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can be about yourself , be selfish for a moment, and not have to care because its just you. I think this song also encourages people who love being in relationships to do some soul searching and self evaluation.

Overall for a first album, I think Daniel Bern did a great job on delivering something of quality to the ear and to the imagination. The stories and scenes that are set out these song bring such sensory detail to the mind. Music is always relatable when you can see it happening in front of you while your listening to it.

To purchase the album, click here @Unforseen Arrival

Here is The music video “Someone” by Daniel Bern:

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This album was given to me courtesy of Daniel Bern for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.



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