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At long last, A Facebook Page and My Ode to 2013

The day has arrived people. Ighouda has come to Facebook. A day before the New Year at that.

And before asking you all to like my page, I just want to say thank you for supporting my blog. The opinions and points to that I share mean nothing if I don’t have anyone to share them with. And with that, I thank you.

With all of that being said, I plan making some minor changes to Ighouda. But don’t worry she will still be the honest, food loving website that she always was. The changes are going to be more for my readers. I plan on doing give aways and taking polls in the New Year.

When I think about how far I came with your support, I get excited and teary eyed. After recovering from being harassed and threatened, I came back and started working on a health food project that was only supposed to be for one or maybe two months. That project since then, has expanded into a year long project with all of the support my readers have given me. And for that I say thank you, and I also want to thank the companies that saw potential in my blog and allowed me to work with them to do product reviews. Thank you all.

To like my page on Facebook, click here.

And I wish all of you a Prosperous and Happy New Year.


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