Bearded Brothers: A Wholesome Snackfood Company

I hope everyone is staying warm in this ridiculously cold weather. Seriously. Its so cold it hurts. This morning, I had to feel my face to make sure it was there. With that being said, here is a review that wont give you the chills. Bearded Brothers Raw snack bars are raw, vegan, gluten free,… Continue reading Bearded Brothers: A Wholesome Snackfood Company

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Choco Nib Smoothie

Lately, Ive been loving Garden of Life Raw Meal. And lately, Ive also been loving coco nibs. Every once in a while, I think that you should treat yourself to something decadent and indulgent. And no this isn't just for the lady's. I know you men have sweet tooth's as well. The only problem with… Continue reading Choco Nib Smoothie