Argo Tea’s: Hibiscus tea Sangria

Today I have a review for you that will make my fellow tea lovers clutch their imaginary pearls. As you guys know, I love tea. I love tasting tea, reviewing tea, everything about tea. And when a company is willing to work with me to do a product review featuring their products, I’m ecstatic. I love the opportunity to work with company’s because I am able to expand my horizons, while not expanding my wallet.

And don’t get me wrong. I am always grateful for what companies give me. I know how hard it is for a company big or small to take a product that they could sell to the public off the shelves or the assembly line, and mail it to a blogger in hopes that they will like the product they send you. But with all that being said, The blogger who writes the review is has what I feel is both an obligation and a responsibility to tell his/her readers the truth about a product and its quality. Yes I know I am a small blog and have a small set of readers. But I know that those who do come across my blog will take what I have to say as a witness account to how good or bad is a product is. Which means if I dont tell you the truth about the product in this one blog post, the validity of all my blog posts should be questioned. With that being said here it goes.

Argo Tea’s Hibiscus tea Sangria is an already made iced tea that comes in eight different flavors. Now before we go into the flavor I got, let’s talk about the packaging. The teas is packaged in a glass bottle with a green cover. This is by far the most unique packaging I have ever seen in an already made tea.

The glass is of a high quality. The only concern about this is the one I have for price over value as buying the items in bulk come off too me as over priced. And that usually happens when the company is not effective in making the packaging affordable. ($34.95 for a pack of12)


I personally think that is way too expensive, and the only conclusion I can come to as to why the price is so high is because of the bottles. With that because said, I usually caution people about buying tea from companies with nice pricey packaging. And I’ll explain why.

Here’s the grueling part of my review. The iced tea flavor that I got was the Hibiscus tea Sangria. I know I usually put put a hyperlink somewhere directing you to the product. However, due to lack of links on Argo Tea’s side, there was no link to direct you to this specific product information. And being that this is the only iced tea flavor I was given, there is no need to direct to the other flavors. That and I believe there website was recently modified, so their is only one flavor apparently available for purchase.

With that being said, let’s get back to why I worn my fellow Tea lovers about nice packaging. Sometimes nice packaging can an over compensation for bad product. For example, this tea did not taste good. It tasted artificial and the notes of the ingredients don’t mellow well. I can put my tongue on it, but it really didn’t taste good. And on top of all of that, it smelled bad. Like slightly spoiled.

I don’t know why the tea tasted bad. Maybe it was just a bad batch and that’s what I got sent to me. It makes me feel bad to have to write such a review, but not doing so would be lying to my readers.

For more information, check out

This product was given to me courtesy of Argo Tea. This is NOT a payed review.


4 thoughts on “Argo Tea’s: Hibiscus tea Sangria

  1. I tried the Carolina honey Argo tea, I first thought the color of the drink was a little off so I carefully read the ingredients, seems like all natural, so I bought it. When I opened it I did not care for the smell, it does smell soured or spoiled. I suspect the water they use, anyway I forced myself to take a sip and it tastes the way it smells for sure. I even added a little more sugar, not much difference. I know honey doesn’t taste like that. my favorite is Duncan doughnuts tea.

    1. I know what you mean. I think it might be the water they use, but its also up to the company to test and taste every batch of product that they produce before sending it out to be sold.

    2. Hi Dennis! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I do agree that it may be the water they use. But when a company comes out with a product, they are supposed to make sure that the ingredients they use are fresh. If not, it forces bloggers like myself to write negative reviews. Thank you for your comment!

  2. I had this tea and from the start the smell was very offlputting. It smelled like bleach/cleaning product and the taste was very bitter. I really don’t know how anyone would find this tea appetizing.

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