Kelapo Coconut Oil

Now that the hustle and bustle of black Friday is finally over, lets get on to a more relaxing activity. More reviews! Its crazy how people can easily go from the holiday where you tell people what your thankful for, to pushing and shoving people out of your way to get something you want because its on sale practically hours later. Its crazy how a sale will bring out the crazy in people and will make them forget their manners, and common sense.

Well, lets talk about coconut oil. You can make it apart of your new years resolution to get healthy for the fifteenth year in a row. (don’t feel insulted, my seventh anniversary is coming up January 1st). But in all seriousness, Coconut Oil is very good for you, and is a lovely change from olive oil. Kelapo Coconut Oil is comprised of triglycerides which help fight signs of aging helps the body absorb important nutrients and minerals, and eliminates harmful bacteria. On top of that, its trans fat and cholesterol free (for all you heart healthy people out there *wink *wink), and packs lots of antioxidants.

This stuff is pure and of great quality. Its a great flavor enhancer, and its even better to cook with. I decided to do something a little different to test out this product. I seared some tilapia. That’s right, I went there. I seasoned my fish as I normally would and seared my fish. One word could only describe how my fish came out. Perfect. Okay, maybe allot more than perfect. I was light, flaky, not burnt or over cooked.

Now, your probably wondering why would I do such a risky test with such a delicate fish? Well, I believe that if a product claims to be a high quality product , and is supposed to be made with the best ingredients, then it should perform as such. No levels of greatness here people. Its either great or not. And this stuff is great. I say try it out, and if you think different, lets talk about it.


For more information, check out

These products were given to me by Kelapo for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.


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