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Wiping the dust off of my key board

Trauma is a thing in life that happens to anyone. Trauma is not just about physical injury you know. It can be anything that changes you. Makes you go left instead of right. Makes you choose the people you befriend and the people who you tend to stay away from. Trauma changes you. It molds you into a different you.

Every one has had some type of trauma in their life. And ultimately, every one will have some type of trauma in their life. Its kind of expected isn’t it? I mean, imagine if you walked around the world and never experienced a trauma. You would think the world is pure and golden, and that nothing can happen to it. That there is no tragic flaw with the world, its reality, or its beautiful creatures.

Some time this year, I myself experienced a trauma. Not a physical one, but a mental one. A guy I was dating. It wasn’t always that bad with him you know. We only went on four dates. Innocent stuff. Movies and bowling. He told me of a trauma that he had suffered with other women that he had dated. And being the empathetic person I was, I felt sorry for him, and thought that I could change his perception on women. I was so terribly wrong. While we were never intimate or in a relationship (we only went on four dates), he tried to ruin my life. He put my personal information on websites and told people (men) that I was something me and him both knew I wasn’t. I thank god that I had such a huge support system to get me through my trauma. But like any trauma, I still have the scars.

A month after my trauma, I was left a few pounds heavier and mentally exhausted. I say this because I know I left such a huge gap in my blog posts. I felt like he took something away from me, even though hes the one that went to jail for what he did to me. Oh yea, I made him pay. I say this to motivate the people that read my blogs. The world can be a pretty ugly place. But, we must embrace it for what it is and live and love the life we have.


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