College Related

So Your a Sophmore?

Being a Sophomore in college is a huge stepping stone. It means that you didn’t get eaten alive by your freshman year professors and that your transition from High School student to College Student went smoothly. And, your cup is half full. (Your almost finished!) So, Congratulate yourself. Yay You!

What do I do now?- Well if your grades were not all that great last semester or both of your freshman semesters, focus on bringing your grades up. Fix where ever you think didn’t work. More social work, less school work? Turn up! Side down that is. Keep in mind that your social life will always be there when your done with school work.

Study tactics not effective? Fix them! – In fact, keep your social life and turn it into a study group. Its the most effective way to hang out with friends and keep your academic life in tact. And, if you have toxic friends (you know what I mean), get rid of them. There kid of like excuses: they seldom accomplish anything and they soon come to take your kindness for weakness.

In conclusion, School is overrated, don’t spend anymore time there than you need to. Besides, its not like you can stay there forever.


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