DAVIDsTEA Steeper: Revolutionary or Revolutionary waste?

My newest obsession has been tea. DAVIDsTEA that is. I first heard about it on YouTube when a beauty guru did a review on some teas that she bought from one of their Canada stores.

I was intrigued by how many people swore up and down that this was the best tea they ever bought, how welcomed they felt when they entered a DAVIDsTEA store, and how knowledgeable the staff was when helping a customer pick not the right tea, so they don’t waste any money.

So let’s cut to the chase: how did I end up buying the Steeper?  By accident actually. On my third trip to the store, I finally decided that one cup of tea at a time was no longer satisfying to me and I needed more. I heard that the Steeper helped improve the flavor of the tea because the tea leaves had more room to steep and build flavor.

Let’s start off with some important consumer info: the Steeper comes in two sizes: an 18oz and a 36oz.

Which one did I buy? The 36oz. It retails in the United States for $24.50. It is made of clear and what I feel is heavy duty BPA free plastic with a cool handle and comes with its own coaster to set down on tables. However, because the bottom of the Steeper has edges on its bottom that raise the Steeper up , you won’t have to worry about leaking or spillage when you don’t use the coaster.

It’s easy to clean and easy to use. You literally just add your favorite tea, and fill it up with hot water, wait a few minutes for your tea to steep, and presto. No smoke no mirrors, this is product is simple and to the point.

Cons: I don’t really know if this counts a con but, whatever tea you used last in the Steeper, the Steeper will take on that smell until you use a different flavored tea even after you wash it. It’s not a big deal and does not compromise the flavor of any other tea you use in the Steeper after wards.

If your not sure how much of your loose tea you should add to the Steeper, just call up your local DAVIDsTEA for the right amount and additional steeping directions.

Overall, do I think that this is something to spend your money on? Yes. This would be a great investment for a tea addict, who often drinks more than one cup. It can keep your tea hot for a while and you can put it in the fridge to cool it down during the summer to make iced tea.

Is it revolutionary? I think it is. While DAVIDsTEA may not have been the first to invent this product, it’s a great place to go out and purchase it , being that steepers are usually not that easy to find, and there’s a DAVIDsTEA location in most states. You can also order it online if you choose to do so.

*For more information go to: http://DAVIDsTEA


*NOTE: This review was not sponsored by DAVIDsTEA. This product was purchased with my own money.


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