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From Home, With Love: Student Care Package Ideas

Going away to College can be hard for some. And sometimes college students can forget to pack some necessities that are not thought about until they are needed. If you are looking for a gift to give to a college student, why not give them a care package?

Care packages are a great idea when you don’t know what to give a new college student. Why you ask? College students usually forget to pack items such as medicine, rite- aid kits, travel size sewing kits, deodorants, stain remover pens, and of course snacks! And they are also personalized, thoughtful, and creative. So why not take some of these items and put them in a care package?

For the Girls: I suggest that you buy a small storage bin or a cute tote bag to put your care package contents in. Some things you can pack in your care package may include: feminine hygiene products such as maxi pads and tampons (or both), Shampoo, body wash, a loofa sponge and a pain killer such as Motrin, Advil, or Aleve (for headaches or that time of the month), and shaving cream or hair removal products. You can also pack make up items such as lip stick, lip-gloss, make up brushes, eyeliner, nail polish, a manicure kit, and mascara and hair scrunchies.

For the Boys: I suggest that you buy a small storage bin or a back pack to pack you care package products in. Some things you can pack in your care products may include: Body wash, body spray, shavers, shaving cream, pain killers, vitamins, a baseball hat, Movies, protein bars, magazines and books.

For the Boys and the Girls: You can also pack snacks, rite-aid kits, cold medicine, extra school supplies, and gift cards for music or online shopping (those are best). And most importantly, when making your care package, make it with love. Put little notes on some of the items that you are packing. Include pictures that will make them smile. The best care packages are the ones packed with care and thoughtfulness.


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