Review *Limited Edition* Olay ultra moisture Body Wash: Vanilla Winter Retreat

“Limited Edition. Indulge your senses with a sweet vanilla scent while visibly moisturizing dry skin. Improves the condition of skin over time.
• Moisturizes skin to be luscious and nourished
• Makes skin healthy looking and resistant to future dryness with continued use” –

My Opinion: I feel that this product has definitely met my standards when it comes to moisture. But, I feel like I should touch up my first impression of this product. The bottle and the packaging of the product definitely caught my attention in the store. (Being that my favorite color is blue lol). The smell of the product however was what made me take it home.  The vanilla scent is subtle. It doesn’t punch you in the face and scream Vanilla! If you follow the bottles directions, which suggests that you use the product frequently to achieve full moisture for your skin. How ever, the scent of the vanilla does not hold onto you very long after getting out of the shower. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who has dry skin and is seeking a moisture rich product that does not have an overpowering scent, or a person who is sensitive to aggressive smelling shower products. Depending on where you choose to purchase this product, it can be pricey. So I suggest you watch out for any deals for this product as it is limited edition.This product is a repurchase for me and I have stocked up on numerous bottles as this product has become a favorite of mine.

*NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored blog post. The product that was reviewed was purchased with my own money.*



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