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Trying to meet the expectations of a College Student

Whether you are fresh out of high school, or coming back into the class room to get a college degree, learning how to be a student in a new setting or a new stage in life can be difficult. If you have just graduated high school and you are immediately going into college, it can be a rough because no one likes to be pushed back into school after getting out of the four most annoying years of your life. And going back as an adult can be hard as well. Especially when it comes to being in a class with people young enough to be your kids. Freshman year is usually the hardest. Just getting used to the demands of your professors and the different ways in which you must learn to do things.

So how do we as College Students attempt to meet these standards?

By combining the demand of a College Student with the demands of ourselves. Sometimes instead of always blaming the system, we need to examine what we are doing wrong. Sometimes you may even find that your personal system may not be working for you as you may have thought. For example, we have two weeks to hand in a paper. But we only get started on the paper at the last minute (or night before), and we practically kill ourselves to get this paper done, then we can barely find the energy to wake up in the morning (or afternoon) to get to class. And the funny thing is that I get stumped every time I do it. Why? Because I regret it afterwards. I finish my paper at three in the morning then go to sleep In hopes of waking up on time to get to my ten o’clock class on time.

Here are some Tips (well pieces of motivation really)

Students who are returning to school to further their education (old folks) should be positive ad stay that way. The hardest part of being in college is staying motivated enough not to leave. I mean all college students want the same thing right? Get a degree, make money, be financially stable, all that jazz right? And for the new comers, college can be a great new experience. But you definitely have to follow the rules and do the work. And remember no professor likes a fresh, rude student. At the end of the day, College is only the experience you make it.Image


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