Coconut Secret’s: Coconut Nectar and Coconut Crystals Review

Today we are going to have a talk. Well, more like a read, but you get the idea. We are going to talk about sweetener alternatives. Why? Because even though there are probably a million blog posts and different reviews online, it doesn’t hurt to have one more on the internet. In theory, I feel that if everyone knew more about sweetener alternatives and the different kinds that are out there on the market, or the internet, or anywhere else, it would provoke everyone to think about trying a healthier alternative to sugar. Especially the next time you’re in the supermarket, and your about to go for the regular white cane sugar.

I hope you like Coconuts. Because today we are going to talk about a company named Coconut Secret. This company makes Organic and Non-Gmo certified (That’s right, I said certified) food products that are also gluten free and vegan (except for the Ecuadorian and Caribbean Bars and the Macaroon Bar, which have organic milk powder).

Let’s talk about the Coconut Nectar first. The nectar comes from the tree of the coconut. They extract the sap from the coconut tree. And I must say that it is quite delicious. You can cook with it, you can bake with it, and you can sweeten your teas with it (my favorite thing to do). I find the nectar to be very versatile. And yes, this product will last you a while. Now, let’s talk about how sweet it is. It’s not ridiculously sweet, so if you want a sweetener that will emphasize whatever it is you want to sweeten, this is perfect. If you want it really sweet, then you will have to use a little more of the product. But if you’re not crazy for sweets like I am, this product will last you forever. You can even use it as syrup for your waffles or pancakes.

Now onto the Coconut Crystals. They are made the same way the Coconut Nectar is made, except they turn the Nectar into crystals. It tastes exactly the same as the Nectar, only difference is that the Nectar is a liquid, and the Crystals are a solid. Other than that, the taste and what they can be used for are exactly the same as the Nectar. However, the crystals are great to travel with. You can put it into a smaller container and take it with you to sweeten your beverages or anything else that needs sweetening. Did I also mention that both products have a low glycemic index? Great for people who need to better manage their blood sugar.

As you guys know, I love all things Non-Gmo. And I love it when a company goes out of their way to supply their customers with the best products possible. It’s an ethical and moral thing to do as company. Especially in this war on food. With that being said, I recommend this company and these two sweeteners to you and your families.


These products were sent to me courtesy of Coconut Secret for reviewing/testing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review.


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