Smoking Vapor’s E-Cigars

Today I have review of a different kind today. Cigars! I know I know. Tiffany it’s not healthy. Smoking is bad for you. Blah blah blah. Well of course I know that. But it’s not an actual Cigar. No ash, no harmful chemicals, smoke, lingering odor, flame or tar. Have you ever heard of an electronic cigar? No? Well, I think you will enjoy this review then.

Smoking Vapor is a company that makes electronic cigarettes that mimic the taste and feel of a regular cigarette without all the negative sides of the cigarettes and their long lasting effects on our bodies. This is changing the whole idea of smoking and shining a whole new light on smoking by taking a different angle on something that is not healthy for you. Electronic cigarettes are better for your health and a healthier option because they are just vapor and flavoring. And if you still need your nicotine kick, you can still get the satisfaction without the chemicals.


Now here is some product information. Smoking Vapors Disposable E-Cigar was made by Cigar Lovers. Its 4.5″ length with 52 gauge cigar ring diameter. It’s flavored to have a premium cigar taste with a sweet tobacco vapor. A coal ember glowing tip, life-like cigar tobacco wrapping. And this one cigar has over 1,100 puffs which is supposed to be equivalent to more than 5 traditional cigars.

To be honest, I have never smoked a cigar. So I am going to talk about my personal experience with this product. I will start of by saying that the feel of the Cigar is really identical to a real cigar. I love the felt paper on the e-cigar and details on the paper of the e-cigar which gave the paper a sense of texture and realism.
The Cigar was easy to use and did not need any initial set up. Just open it up, take of the protective cap, and start smoking. When I first opened the cigar, I like how it was packaged twice. One the first puff, I got a smooth cigar taste that wasn’t harsh. I also enjoyed the great vapor production I got from the cigar. I enjoyed the nice fruity tomes of the Grape flavored cigar, but was surprised that I enjoyed the Gold cigar flavor more. Don’t get me wrong, the grape flavor was delicious and I don’t think they could have picked any other different flavor to pair with the cigar flavor. I really enjoyed the sweet Tabaco flavor of the gold tobacco cigar flavor.

Now let’s talk about battery life. This thing lasts forever. I put this cigar through allot. I was constantly using it and constantly drawing from it. I found that this product lasts forever and I believe that it can also be a life saver. Think about the fires that will NOT happen because these cigars are ash free? No need for a lighter, means no need to worry about causing a fire. There is no lingering smell, so you won’t cause any type of discomfort to anyone who doesn’t like the smell of cigars.

The  only real cons that I found with this cigar was pretty minor. But, I felt like I should mention them anyways. They are quite miniscule to be honest. But cons none the less. One Thing that I noticed when I first started taking drags from the cigar, I noticed that vapor production was much better after taking a couple of longer starter drags, which made better vapor production afterwards. It was no big deal though. And in no way caused any difficulty in using the product. One thing that was a bit annoying, was after many days of dragging from the cigars (well, only the one I found myself using the most), began to get to get harder to drag on. Like, I found myself putting in allot of work just to take a drag from it. With that being said, I enjoyed this electronic cigar and highly recommend it to anyone who is in the mood try something new and life changing. Smoking Vapors Electronic Cigars are available in grape and gold tobacco flavor. Both flavors are available in zero and high nicotine levels.


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This product was given to me courtesy of Smoking Vapor for testing/reviewing purposes only. This is NOT a paid review


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