I heart Keenwah?

Quinoa. It’s healthy, good for you filled with Hello everyone. Hope everyone is staying warm in this ridiculous weather. I mean, why go outside in 20 below weather, when you can read a food review right? And, it’s free. Today, I’m going to talk about Quinoa. Everyone knows that quinoa is good for you right? It’s filled with protein, high in riboflavin, rich in fiber, rich in magnesium, iron, and lysine. It’s a versatile dish and can be used in anything. In fact, it’s one of the mostly healthiest thing we as humans can eat.


I Heart Keenwah is a snack made with Quinoa (I know, given), and fruits and nuts. This product was made for Quinoa lovers all around. They decided to take Quinoa and make it into a snack. Which in turn made it a healthy readymade snack option. I had the opportunity of trying the Cranberry Cashew flavor. The way I would describe the texture of the Quinoa is crunchy and quite hard. I’m not saying it wasn’t fresh, it was just crunchy. Like really crunchy. If you like crunchy stuff, and you are looking for a healthy snack to add to your arsenal of healthy snacking weapons, this one is for you. The Cranberries add a sweet unique flavor to the Quinoa that gives it just the right amount of sweetness.

The other flavors available are Almond, Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Cacao and Ginger Peanut (which I would have loved to try because I think it would have been delicious). Now, here is something I think that you guys will be happy to hear. A giveaway. If you like Cranberries and Quinoa, I will be having a giveaway to one lucky person who will receive one bag of I heart Keenwah’s Cranberry Cashew and some surprise samples from another brand. (US only).


All you have to do is tell me one New Year’s resolution you plan to NOT make this year and why. You can tweet me @Ighouda on twitter or comment on my Facebook page Ighouda. While you there be sure to like my page to get more info on future giveaways and blog posts. The Winner will contact me through Facebook or Twitter.


For more information, check out www.iheartkeenwah.com.

This product was given to me courtesy of I Heart Keenwah for reviewing/ testing purposes only. This was NOT a paid review.


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