Lush Cosmetics Hual

Here’s a quickie for you cosmetic junkies out here. (gotta stop insulting my readers lol)

On a whim, I took a visit to my nearest Lush Cosmetics to resume my most beloved or favorite skin routine after a year and a half of going cold turkey.

I don’t know if my skin will have any disagreement with the products after not using them for so long. But someone once told me, time makes the heart grow fonder. So I’m being hopeful.

The line up for today is the Sea salt scrub, Herbalism (a cleanser), Tea Tree Water (a Toner) , and Vanishing Cream (a very expensive moisturizer).


If you guys want a review for any of these products or you want to know more about my skin routine, comment on this blog post, hit me up on twitter with #review, or comment on the picture of the products with the same hash tag (#review). If you want to know about my skin routine, comment with the hash tag #skinwin.


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