DAVIDsTEA: Organic the Skinny

So I’ve told you about my new obsession with teas right? So it’s only right that I do another tea review for you today.

Organic the skinny is a robust and strong Oolong tea made with Chinese oolong tea, Chinese pu’erh tea, ginger, eleuthero root, and orange peel.

This tea is a little comparable to Lipton tea, in where it’s very strong and you don’t want to over steep it (unless your making iced tea). However, I find that I favor this tea hot over cold. It’s relaxing and is one of the many teas I love to cuddle up with in the fall and winter.

I bought this particular tea flavor in a tin that is already pre baged and portioned. I got it on sale at a DAVIDsTEA location, but I did try the tea first in my DAVIDsTEA beginner kit. I like the idea that I can use this tin to travel with. You will definitely need to sweeten this tea unless you like it straight. The fruity notes do not come out enough in this tea to add a sweet feature. The orange peel does however, add depth and helps define flavor.


For more information check out DAVIDsTEA.com

This is NOT a sponsored review. This product was purchased with my own money.


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