Stur: Love water “naturally”?


Now, I normally come on here to give you an honest review about a product and how or if I think it will benefit you. Don’t get me wrong, that’s what I plan to do here today.

However, I feel rather disappointed and let down by this product. And while I never strive to bad mouth anyone or any company, I don’t really think I have anything nice to say about this company and this product. But, I will tell you some pros and cons.

First off, let me introduce this product to you.

Stur Love Water Naturally
This is supposed to be an all natural water enhancer that encourages the consumers who use it to drink more water, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.

It’s small and convenient to take with you anywhere. It’s zero calories, for those who are watching their figures. It has zero sugar and uses stevia extract as a sugar substitute.

It claims to be be all “natural”, whatever that means. The flavor designated on the bottle is no where to be found in the ingredients section on the back of the bottle. Which makes me wonder, what am I drinking? And it could be just me, but I was never a fan of Stevia to begin with. So, I feel as if the dink (I just put it in some water), tasted very off. And the stevia made the “Lemmon”  taste off as well.

In conclusion, I probably would not purchase this again in the future. But I still encourage you to check it out and decide for yourself. For more information, check out http://sturdrinks.com

*This is not a sponsored review . This product was purchased with my own money.


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